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JulietRose:      The first reviews are in for      TANGLE...


     The first reviews are in for 

:      The first reviews are in for       TANGLED  THING CALLED LOVE !  Check out what Goodreads reviewers are saying about...

     The first reviews are in for 


Check out what Goodreads reviewers are saying about Juliet's latest book, due out on April 28th:

Negar Arvanaghi rated it 5 of 5 stars
This book is a whole lot of "Bwaaahaha!" followed by "Wow! I did NOT see that coming". I want more!

Kathleen Souza rated it 5 of 5 stars

Tangled Thing Called Love by Juliet Rosetti was a nice surprise. I rated it a 5 because it had a little of everything I love: smart heroine, sexy hero, romance, humor, and a mystery to solve. This author does it all. There’s plenty of steamy romance and Mazie and her family’s antics made me laugh…Out Loud!
With Ben long gone to work in LA and Mazie losing her job, there is nothing for her to do but go back home to help at the farm. Her grandmother is taking care of the twins while her brother’s wife is in the hospital waiting to have another baby. Ben returns to show Mazie he loves her. He is a photojournalist and sees a story in the missing beauty pageant winner from long ago. Mazie is just trying to keep up with the mischievous twins and dealing with bitchy beauty queens at the 25th anniversary pageant her grandmother signs her up for. I recommend this book to everyone. I did not know this book is the third in a series, but really happy to discover that there are at least two more for me to read. Juliet Rosetti is now on my favorite authors list.

Keri rated it 5 of 5 stars

I need to preface this review by saying Juliet Rosetti is quickly working her way into my favorite Top 5 author category!! In this 3rd installment of Mazie’s crazy life we get to follow Mazie home to her family farm, what ensues is hilarious and suspenseful. Of course we get Mr Ben Labeck back for the shenanigans and we watch him and Mazie try to untangle a disappearance of a young girl from 13 yrs prior. I don’t want to spoil the book, but there is plenty of Ben and Mazie hotness, plus a new male who while I am personally not a fan of the love triangle had me feeling like it wouldn’t be so bad. Mazie’s family is just as crazy and fun as she is and Muffin brings plenty of excitement too. I honestly love this series and I cannot wait to see what kind of adventure the Mazie & Ben duo find themselves in next. Ms Rosetti has managed to write a third book that is just as addicting as her first in the series, written wonderfully with plenty of laugh out loud moments, romance, and suspense. This series and this book should be on everyone’s to read list!

Thank you to all the wonderful Goodreads reviewers who 

took the time to read my book. I'm so very grateful.

Blog readers, you can reserve a copy of Tangled Thing on 

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that sells ebooks. Publication date: April 28th!

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JulietRose: I dreamed I was a knockout in my Maidenform br...


I dreamed I was a knockout in my 

Maidenform br...
: I dreamed I was a knockout in my  Maidenform bra . . .  Anyone remember the Maidenform "I dreamed I was . . . "  magazi...

I dreamed I was a knockout in my 

Maidenform bra . . . 

Anyone remember the Maidenform "I dreamed I was . . . "

 magazine ads? Juliet explains what Wonder bras have to

do with writing tomorrow night at the Oshkosh Public 

Library's Spotlight on Local Authors presentation. 7 pm. 

Refreshments. Book giveaways. Timeless wisdom! Hope to

see you there!

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JulietRose: Had Enough of Winter2014?Take this Quiz and find ...

JulietRose: Had Enough of Winter2014?
Take this Quiz and find ...
: Had Enough of Winter 2014? Take this Quiz and find out       You have had enough if you can answer yes to the following statements: 1...
Had Enough of Winter 2014?
Take this Quiz and find out
      You have had enough if you can answer yes to the following statements:

1. When someone says “This is just a good old-fashioned Midwest winter, you have the urge to paste 'em in the mush with a good old-fashioned ice ball. 

2. You can't find a place to park at the supermarket because every space is littered with slush boogers drivers have kicked out of their car's wheel wells, so that the parking lot resembles the lunar surface.

3. You can define the term polar vortex.

4. You never want to hear the term "polar vortex" again.

5.  When a Snow Day is announced you moan "Not again!"    instead of yelling "Oh, yay!"

6.  You’ve never had the slightest wish to move south, but now you're  thinking that it maybe wouldn't be that bad living next door to a guy who shoots deer from his sagging front porch while wearing long johns.

7. When you tell your dog it's time for a walk, he runs and hides.  

8. Your cat has moved in with the old lady next door who keeps her thermostat set at “sauna.”

9. You use your freezer to store your furs. You've stashed yourKlondike bars and Hungry Man dinners  in a cardboard box out on the patio.

10. You keep your sidewalk salt under lock and key.

11. You secretly gloat when you hear about the blizzards they're having down south. (How ya like them apples, grit eaters?)

12. Your car is outside and your snow blower is in the garage.

13. When you do drive your car, you hear a funny scraping noise and think for a second there's something wrong with your tires, but then realize it's just the ice crud inside your wheel well scraping against your tires.

14. You hate to get up in the middle of the night because you have to put on a ski jacket to go to the bathroom.

If you've answered yes to all the questions, you are in the same boat as 90% of the nation. (Hawaii, we hate you!) Please feel free to add to the list, because after all, misery loves company. Post comments.

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